My name is Itziar. I am passionate about storytelling, illustration and animation, and I love to develop ideas and build stories and characters. I am currently working as a motion graphics designer and storyboard artist producing and developing content for TV, streaming platforms and social media. 

A bit about myself

I grew up in Spain, surrounded by music, films and books. I was lucky to always be encouraged to develop my creativity and I was always drawing, painting and playing with my animal-toys.

Since I was a kid, I always thought I would study to become a vet. One day when I was a teenager the vet in town -perks of growing up in a small town- allowed me to be present during a minor surgery for my dog, and let's just say that after the colour palette my face went through, I decided to change career paths and studied Fine Arts BA at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha in Cuenca.

During my degree I enjoyed the most being directly in contact with all sort of materials. I learnt many different forms of art, some of which I still use today in my free time like wood carving, linocut, printing, oil painting, pottery, live drawing... and took to numerous lectures on art identity, idea development, and philosophy.

When I studied a year abroad at the Akademia Sztuk Pieknych in Warsaw with an Erasmus scholarship, I discovered a new passion for film and animation, telling stories and building an entire world from scratch through the screen.

Whilst I was finishing my degree, I moved to London to further develop my career and studied my Masters Degree on Animation at the University of the Arts London, to specialize on storyboarding and animation.

Animator, Concept Artist

and Storyboard Artis

Itziar Ortiz



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