about me

Hi! I'm Itziar,

I'm a 2D and 3D Animator currently based in London.

I graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Castilla-La Mancha and completed a Master's Degree in Animation at the University of the Arts London.

In 2011 during my undergraduate studies, I explored various forms of art, and found myself drawn to wood carving, linocut, printing, oil painting and live drawing, and attended numerous lectures on art identity, idea development and philosophy.
In 2016 I pursued my passion for animation and completed my MA, which allowed me to work with charities such as Cats Protection, creating animations for their website, and collaborate with wonderful organisations such as the Barbican Center and the Welcome Library.

I directed and animated the short film Toska. which was exhibited at the 504 Art Gallery in 2016, and Amaranta which was selected for screening at the Latitud Festival in 2018.

Additionally, I have freelanced on a diverse range of projects, including designing logos for a fashion brand, creating the label for a Kombucha drink, cleaning up cartoons and producing character animations, concept and environment art, and storyboards.

I am passionate about creating meaningful stories that resonate with the audience and find the best style for each story. That way we are able to create stories that transport people to different worlds and offer unique perspectives. We are made of stories.

Click here for mu resume/CV

For projects, ideas and freelancing you can find me at itziarortizgonzalez@gmail.com